Dawn Redwood, metosequoia glyptostroboides

Dawn Redwood, metosequoia glyptostroboides
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Seed Specifications: Purity - 100%; Projected Germination Rate - 35%; Where Harvested (location) - China

The Dawn Redwood aslo known as the Water Larch is a deciduous conifer native to central China. It is fast becoming a favorite North American ornamental tree. The Dawn Redwood has been called "a living fossil" because it was first discovered in Japan in 1941, then found growing in China. The species is over 50 million years old. It grows in a fully pyramidal shape. It is one of the few cone-bearing deciduous trees. In the Fall, the needles turn a bright copper color. The needle are bright green, about 1/2" long and soft. The cones contain about 5-9 winged seeds and are about 1" in size. The cones ripen in early December and shed the seeds shortly afterwards. The Dawn Redwood is a hardy tree growing in places such as Maine, Alabama, and California. It transplants easily and can be grown from cuttings. It can reach a height of 120 ft and it's width is up to 25 ft. It's cold hardy to zone 3. It prefers moist, well drained soils but will tolerate drier soil. Adaptable to a wide range of conditions. The Dawn Redwood is a true redwood.

Recommended Planting instructions:

Scarification: Soaking in water 24-48 hours helps seeds germinate. Stratification: None Required. Germination: Sow seed 1/8" deep, press seed into soil, cover seed, keep moist. Other: Seeds can also be sown in the Fall in mulched seedbed for Spring germination.