Japanese Tree Lilac, syringa reticulata

Japanese Tree Lilac, syringa reticulata
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Seed Specifications: Purity - 100%; Projected Germination Rate - 98%; Where Harvested (location) - New York

Japanese Tree Lilac is an excellent oval shaped small tree. It produces large 5-6" clusters of small, fragrant, creamy-white flowers in late June-early July when few other trees are blooming. Plant crown is quite dense, especially in young trees. Fruit is a capsule that turns from light green to brown as it matures. Bark is quite dark with noticeable white lenticels, resembling the bark of cherry trees. The Japanese Tree Lilac can reach between 15-20 ft tall. It's hardy to zone 3. The Japanese Tree Lilac is not demanding of soil type, however they do not tolerate poorly drained soils. They like full sun for best results.

Planting instructions:

Scarification: Soak in water for 48 hours, change water each day. Stratification: Warm stratify for 60 days or cold stratify for 60 days. Germination: Sow seed 1/16" deep, tamp soil, and mulch seed bed. Other: Fall sowing in mulched seedbed is prefered to artificial stratification.

Other: Simply giving the seed a 90 day cold stratification may break dormancy.