Japanese Zelkova

Japanese Zelkova
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Seed Specifications: Purity - 100%; Projected Germination Rate - 83%; Where Harvested (location) - California

Japanese zelkova is a medium to large deciduous tree, typically growing to 50-80 tall with a spreading, generally upward-branching, vase-shaped crown. It is native to Japan, Taiwan and eastern China. It is noted for its graceful shape, clean foliage, attractive bark and resistance to Dutch elm disease. Zelkova has in fact been promoted in recent years as a substitute for American elm (Ulmus americana) because of its resistance to Dutch elm disease. Insignificant small green flowers appear in spring as the foliage emerges. Flowers give way to small, non-showy, ovate, wingless drupes that ripen in autumn. Oblong-elliptic medium green leaves (to 3 long) with coarse, ciliate marginal teeth and acuminate tips. Fall color is variable, ranging from undistinguished yellow to attractive shades of yellow-orange to red-brown. Smooth gray bark in youth exfoliates with age to reveal orange-brown inner bark. Zelkova is valued as a commercial timber tree in Japan. Cold hardy to USDA zone 5.

Recommended Planting Instructions:

Scarification: Soak in water, let stand in water for 24 hours. Stratification: Cold stratify for 60 days. Germination: Sow seed 1/4" deep, press seed into soil, cover seed, keep moist.