Jiffy 36100 Super Foresty Pellet

Jiffy 36100 Super Foresty Pellet
Item# DA-J36100P

Product Description

Pellets are 25 cents each. Jiffy 36100 Super Foresty Pellets measure. 1 1/2 inch in diameter and 4 inches in height when expanded. Pellets expand when soaked in water, it usually takes 30 minutes to an hour for pellets to fully expand. Pellet utilizes a sterile peat media which aids in the control of weeds and root diseases in the greenhouse. The media in the pellet is 100 percent top quality peat which Jiffy grades, screens, tests and analyzes on a consistent basis during manufacturing. This size of pellet works great for starting most Pine, Spruce, Fir, Larch, Arborvitae, Redwood, and other small tree seed species.

Jiffy Pellets also have sheets available, in order to get a sheet of these, Pellets would have to be ordered in 84 pellet increments.

Will not ship internationally.