Sugar Pine, pinus lambertiana

Sugar Pine, pinus lambertiana
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Seed Specifications: Purity - 100%; Projected Germination Rate - 98%; Where Harvested (location) - California

Sugar Pine extends from the west slope of the Cascade Range in north central Oregon to the Sierra San Pedro Martir in Baja California. Its distribution is almost continuous through the Klamath and Siskiyou Mountains and on west slopes of the Cascade Range and Sierra Nevada, but smaller and more disjunct populations are found in the Coast Ranges of southern Oregon and California, Transverse and Peninsula Ranges of southern California, and east of the Cascade and Sierra Nevada crests. Its southern extremity is an isolated population high on a plateau in the Sierra San Pedro Martir in Baja California. Over 80 percent of the growing stock is in California where the most extensive and dense populations are found in mixed conifer forests on the west slope of the Sierra Nevada. Sugar Pine is similar to Western White Pine. However the cones are much larger (12 to 18 inches long in lambertiana versus 5 to 11 inches long in monticola). The needles have conspicuous white lines on the ventral surface missing in Western White Pine. The Sugar Pine has also be grown on the eastern coast of the United States as far north as Boston, but must be protected from winter winds.

The stalked cones, the needles in bundles of five, and the conspicuous white lines on the ventral side of a needle are all characteristic of this species. Needles in bundles of five, 3 to 4 inches long; sheath deciduous after the first year; needles blue-green with conspicuous white lines on the ventral surface; needles stiff, slender, sharp-pointed and pointed at the apex. The Bark of mature trees 2 to 3 inches thick and deeply divided into long plate-like ridges covered with large, loose red-brown or purple-brown scales.

Mature trees reach 175 to 200 feet in height and 36 to 60 inches in diameter. Cones 12 to 18 inches long, cylindrical, and with a long stalk; cone scales thick and rounded. Some cones reach lenghts of up to 20 inches. The Sugar Pine is cold hardy to zone 6.

Recommended Planting instructions:

Scarification: Soak in water, let stand 24 hours. Stratification: Cold stratify for 90 days. Germination: Sow seed 3/8" deep, tamp soil, and mulch seed bed. Can also be sown in fall for spring germination.