Tatarian Maple, acer tataricum

Tatarian Maple, acer tataricum
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Seed Specifications: Purity - 100%; Projected Germination Rate - 77%; Where Harvested (location) - New York

Tatarian Maple is quite similar to the Amur Maple and the two species readily hybridize when grown together. Tatarian Maple grows slightly larger and is naturally more tree like in growth habit. Samaras are slightly larger and usually develop a good red coloration when maturing. Fall color is usually yellow to reddish brown and less striking than that of Amur Maple. A good tree for planters or patios. Requires well drained soils. Tolerant of shade. Fairly drought tolerant. The Tatarian Maple can reach 18 to 20 feet tall and a width of 18-20 feet tall. The Tatarian Maple is cold hardy to USDA Zone 3.

Recommended Planting Instructions:

Scarification: Soak in water for 48 hours, change water each day. Stratification: Cold stratify for 3 to 4 monthes. Germination: Sow see 1/8" deep, tamp soil, keep moist, mulch seed bed. OTHER: Can be sown outdoors in fall for spring germination.