White Birch, betula papyrifera

White Birch, betula papyrifera
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Seed Specifications: Purity - 100%; Projected Germination Rate - 50%; Where Harvested (location) - Nebraska

The White Birch is a small to medium sized deciduous tree. As far as trees go, it doesn't live very long, only about 140 years. Small heart shaped leaves are found at the ends of drooping twigs and branches. The Paper Birch has both male and female flowers called catkins. These turn into little winged nutkins, which ripen in early August to mid September. The wings help the seeds to fly away from the parent so there is no competition for food and water. You can identify this tree by it white bark which peels easily and is marked by narrow horizontal stripes. White Birch trees can either have one slender stem or several stems. The White Birch is also known as the Paper Birch, Canoe Birch, and Silver Birch. It can reach heights of 70 to 80 feet.. Hardy to zone 3.

Planting instructions:

Scarification: None required. Stratification: None required. Germination: requires light for germination, surface sow seed, press seed into soil, keep moist, cover seedbed with some shade. Other: Can also cold stratify seeds for 60 days instead of surface sowing, but it is best to surface sow seeds.