White Oak, quercus alba

White Oak, quercus alba
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Seed Specifications: Purity - 100%; Projected Germination Rate - 91%; Where Harvested (location) - Arkansas

White Oak is a large, stately tree with a round to wide spreading crown. It is native from Minnesota and Texas eastward. Natural stands are usually found in areas with loam or clay soil. The medium green leaves are 5-6" long and have distinct lobes with rounded sinuses and tips. Bark is a light gray color and somewhat scaly on branches. White Oak's wood is strong and durable. The acorns are eaten by many wildlife species. The White Oak can reach heights of 50-70 feet and widths of 40-80 feet. It is cold hardy to USDA Zone 3.

Recommended Planting Instructions:

Scarification: Soak in water for 48 hours, change water each day. Stratification: Cold stratify for stratify for 60 days or until radicle emergence. Germination: Sow seed 1 to 2 inches deep, tamp soil, keep moist, mulch seed bed. OTHER: Fall sowing in mulched seedbeds is preferred to artificial stratification.